Rainbow Bridge

September 23 1997 - October 9 2006

Lucy the Airedale;cute ,funny,trying ,maddening,faithful companion,totally independent,hilarious ,frustrating,smart.I wouldn't have wanted her any other way.Her time here wasn't not long enough.From the moment as a puppy, she bounced out of her crate at the airport she had me. Lucy lived a healthy 7 years.Enjoying all that life on the farm offered. She loved her car rides and weather it was a  5 minute  or a 6 hour drive.She spent the entire time looking out the window.She loved her yellow soft ball that she treated like her baby and she loved to play.Unfortunately the last 2 years of life she struggled with diabetes.It took her eyesight and made her very frail but it didn't break her will to live.She wandered the house the yard and farm as if she could see.She learnt to accept her shots and in return she received her special treats of cheese flavored biscuits.On the morning of October 9 it was evident Lucy was making her journey to the rainbow bridge.She slipped away peacefully that night. She was 9 years old.She left alot of wonderful memories. I still miss her.